Beery people are Good people

While slaving away in front of the computer at work today a small yellow package landed on my desk. Eager for a distraction, I quickly grabbed it and started picking at the tape that was guarding the contents. Opening the box I see four short cylindrical shapes, each wrapped in brown paper. On top was a business card from Shaun O’Sullivan. I was surprised and very happy! Four cans of beer from the 21st Amendment brewery.

Last week while reading the beery blogs that I check everyday, I read that Shaun was in Belgium. I emailed him to see of he was going to be in the area because I wanted to buy him a beer for all the entertainment he has given me on The Brewing Network. In the end our schedules didn’t work out, but instead Shaun asked me where he could send some of his cans that he had with him. He was willing to stop during his vacation and package up a few beers for someone he has never met. I am very grateful to be able to try these beers that I would never be able to get over here.

As I have always said, beery people are good people.

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