black_albertOn Sunday I tried out a new marinade idea. I call it my Beeriyaki marinade. So what could that possibly be? Well it combines my love for a good teriyaki sauce with my love of big beers. The base for the sauce is Black Albert, a rich imperial stout from De Struise Brouwers. A roasty brew with hints of coffee, chocolate cake batter, molasses and a healthy dose of hops and sweet alcohols. To this roasty base I added more traditional Teriyaki ingredients like soy sauce, brown sugar, black pepper, onion, garlic and honey. I marinaded a 1+kg beef center-cut roast for about 3 hours in the fridge, before letting it sit out to warm up a bit. Then it was thrown onto the grill for indirect cooking (this was a reverse sear cook). Towards the end of the cook I added a handful of soaked Jack Daniels wood chips to the coconut shell briquettes. The meat was cooked to an internal temp of 55C but I should have taken it off just a bit earlier. Due to its thickness it had more thermal momentum than I thought so it ended up just slightly too high. Next time I’ll take it off a 52C. Still, it turned out just fine. The flavor was very nice with a typical Teriyaki character (though a bit milder) and just a touch of something deeply roasted. This is a marinade that I will be using again. Hmm that reminds me, I have some bottles of a homebrewed Imperial Stout that never carbonated properly. That would be perfect for this.

Beeriyaki marinade

1 bottle of Black Albert or similar imperial stout (33cl or 12oz)
1/2 medium yellow onion (chopped)
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tbs. worcestershire sauce
2 tbs. honey
1 tbs. brown sugar
3/4 tbs. black pepper
1/4 – 1/2 tsp. garlic salt (depending on taste)
Mix everything together and throw in your beef. Let sit covered for a few hours in the fridge. While cooking baste the meat with the marinade a few times.

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