get stuffed

P6060021A couple weeks of illness, and then being busy after that means that I have not posted anything in a long time.  I do have all kinds of beer geekery to report but for now I want to share the latest recipe off the grill.

Last night I decided to try my hand at stuffing a pork loin. Its always been something thats intrigued me. After reading a bunch of recipes on the interweb I decided that I would just wing it. I did steal the idea of using dried cherries with bell peppers from one of the recipes.


the stuffing (with precise measurements)
– half a medium/small red onion (diced)
– half a yellow pepper (diced)
– small handful of pecans (crushed)
– large handful of Michigan dried cherries
– dash of salt pepper
– larger dash of ground ginger

First saute the onions in some butter. The add everything else and cook until the peppers are tender. The stuffing is ready! The hard part is putting everything together. I had a pork loin that was about 650g which I butterflied. I think if you can master the art of roll-cutting, or whatever they call it, that would be able to hold the stuffing better. If you choose just to butterfly it then you should have a mother-in-law on hand who can artfully tie the loin closed. Four hands are a minimum. There was also a second smaller pork loin that was simply marinated in Boon Kriek.

The two hunks of meat were cooked indirectly over coconut briquettes. The results were very good! The cherries, yellow pepper, and pecans were a nice combination that sparked all kind of ideas for future recipes. This is definitely a recipe I will be playing with more in the future. Many people say that stuffing is also a good way to keep a pork loin from drying out on the grill; that is something I have never had a problem with, but the stuffed loin that I made was drier than my usual ones so I don’t buy the idea that it makes a moister end product. Perhaps if you add something with a higher fat content that would be true.

The 2005 Cantillon kriek that I served with the pork was a fantastic partner. The dried cherries in the meat helped pull out the sour cherries in the lambic and the sourness and tartness of the beer gave the pork a nice freshness.

click on the photo for a couple more pictures.

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