What are you looking at?

SEXbeerBBQWhen this blog was started, I thought that most of the posts would be about barbecue. Afterall it is easier and faster to tame that firey passion then it is to scratch the brewer’s itch. There is also a problem of volumes. I do not brew that often since I am usually solely responsible for the disposal of said beer and I also have a commercial beer buying habit. It is great to have a cellar stocked full of goodies covering a far greater range of styles than I could ever brew. However, The Smoking Bottle has been leaning more towards the Bottle and less towards the Smoke. This got me thinking about who is reading this (besides the ones that feel obligated to endulge in my fantasy world) and where their interests lie.

If you have a spare moment (if you have read this far then you do) please take part in the following poll.

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