Dear Santa,

Christmas is near. Have you written your letter to Santa yet? I’ll be writing mine soon, but first I have to figure out what I will ask for. The list of possible choices is too long.

For the fiery side of life:

For the beery side of life:
  • 27 liter electric canning kettle (To use as an HLT or as boil kettle for smaller batches)
  • 20 liter french oak barrel or 32 liter chestnut barrel (found a good deal on them)
  • 50 liter brew pot (sometimes you just need to brew a bigger batch)
  • march pump
  • a bottle of 1980 De Dolle’s Speciaal Brouwsel
  • a job at a small brewery

hmmm, perhaps that last one sounds the best. Now I just need to write Santa a very convincing letter.

So what are you thinking about asking the big guy for? Anything beer, brewing, fire, or cooking related? Come on, let’s hear from you. I know there aren’t a whole lot of readers of this fine blog, but I’ll be sad if only my wife responds (he says, setting himself up for failure).

2 thoughts on “Dear Santa,

  1. The fine people who clicked on my google ads sponsered my DigiQ II, so that one isn’t on my list. I picked up a CI skillet at the wholesale for € 5,- And I can cook outside whenever I want. Aside from those my BBQ wishlist looks pretty much the same 🙂

    Cast Iron Grates for my OTG and the pro Q cold smoke generator. Maybe a rotisserie for the OTG.


  2. That’s funny … my wishlist involves nothing beer or BBQ-related AT ALL!
    It does involve pretty jewelery, clothes and time with my often absent, and too busy to let me know even though I am waiting for him, husband.
    Besides that I don’t think Santa will visit me … my hopes are on Sint-Niklaas!


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