Recipe for “A Good Year”

All you need to have a wonderful 2010 is a good recipe. I happen to have one I’d like to share with you. Feel free to make some substitutions, but don’t stray too far from the original recipe:

A Good Year
– 1 good charcoal grill (you can add more if you really like fire)
– 1 or more sources for great craft beer (Oerbier Reserva is a must)
– 1 quality butcher
– a couple of good beer glasses (you don’t need one for every style of beer!)
– a good green grocer with local produce
– local brewery or homebrewer (or your own brewing passion)
– large handful of friends
– patch of green for you and your friends to rub your toes in
– a supportive partner
– A fresh child who is intrigued in everything you do (teenagers may be past their prime)

Simply stir these ingredients together and marinate yourself in the mixture for 365 days. Thats it! The trick with this recipe is balance. You may have to alter the amount of devotion/obsession placed on each of the individual ingredients until a harmonious mixture is obtained. This is something I myself am still working on.

I also threw together some random photos from this past year that were never posted here. You can find them by clicking on the snow covered grills above.

Happy new year everyone!

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