smoke ’em if ya got ’em

I’ve been neglecting that whole world wide web net thing for a while so I’ve been missing out on all kinds of information. Apparently a lot of people have been talking about a guy with a funny name and health care for all. Fortunately I can rely on some trusted bloggers to pick out the real important news, like Noskos over at BBQ NL. It seems that Weber is expanding their line of wood chunks and chips. Now thats news I can sink my teeth into!

The wood I’ve ben using is a mix of odds and ends… a few apple and pear logs from somebody who knows somebody, some grape-vine chunks and the Hickory and Mesquite wood chips from Weber. Now I can expand my smoke repertoire by using the new Apple, Cherry, and Pecan wood chunks! Cherry is something I’ve been really wanting to use and Pecan could be very nice. Hopefully my now official local weber retailer will carry all the new wood chunks. Previously he only sold the chips. If not, I will have to either order them from, or Amazon UK.

Other exciting news (that was actually announced a long time ago) is that the line of Dizzy Pig rubs will be coming to Europe. They set up a site a while back saying that they’ll be up and running soon. Lets hope that soon really means soon because the weather will quickly become the kind that beckons you outside and forces you to feed your caveman fascination of fire. Mmmmm, fire.

4 thoughts on “smoke ’em if ya got ’em

  1. Dizzy Pig should be available soon. They have a whole container here, but the labels weren’t up to EU standards 🙂

    Pecan is my new favorite smoke wood! It’s like hickory but a little sweeter and more mellow. That and apple, wow!!


    1. great! thanks for the extra info on Dizzy Pig. I’ll definitely be ordering up some rubs when they’re available.

      Now you’ve got me very interested in trying out the Pecan wood! I have been using a combo of Apple and Hickory for a lot of my pork and thats been working out great so Pecan and Apple has to be good.


    1. The grapevine chunks are great when you’re smoking or grilling chicken. They use grapevine wood a lot in the Mediterranean. Think lamb and poultry and mediterranean spices. It really is a nice grilling wood… But not on beef.


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