the end of summer

Summer seems to have already ended here in Belgium. Ok thats not completely true beacause Summer never really showed up this year. With the end of Summer also comes the end of my vacation days. Now its back to the harsh realities of the working world.

Thankfully I do have some new sources of inspiration. Mrs. Smokey, Lil’ Smokey and myself have been joined by Smokey Jr! Since his birth I obviously haven’t had a whole lot of time to post on this blog, but that will slowly change as he settles into the Smokey-family life. Then he sould inspire many grilling posts because I’ll have my work cut out for me once this little guy grows up and starts eating meat… he is a BIG boy…. no really big boy!

Originally I started this blog to have a place to ramble on about brewing and grilling without boring those around me. Much to my surprise some other people do actually read this and find some informative quality in it. Unfortunately I am not always quick to post updates or results from the different experiments/brews/products that I try. I have been working on this lately though. If you go back to some of the recent brews you’ll notice that I am starting to add notes at the bottom of brewday posts as the beers progress. I will also be adding a few posts to help catch up on the lack of info. Hopefully this will make this blog more useful to people other than myself.

other items I need to post on soon:

  • Smoking with Gueuze Barrel chips
  • Ugly Duckling in the bottle
  • the cold smoke generator
  • my first cider
  • Alvinne/Me Night Owl evaluation
  • … the list is too long

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