RateBeer RSS

So I finally figured out how to create an RSS feed of my RateBeer.com ratings. Thanks to the useful Dapp Factory over at dapper.net. Look to the side bar at the right to see the ratings. Click through for more details on the beers.
EDIT: I’m kind of done with ratebeer. It has been taking away some of my enjoyment actually. So you’ll notice that I no longer have my ratings RSS feed in the sidebar.

working on the logo

For now I just put up a quick place holder for “The Smoking Bottle” logo/banner. Hopefully this will start to bring out some good ideas that are burried deep within me. If somehow there is anyone reading this (shouldn’t be yet) then throw some ideas my way.

Testing the iPhone WordPress app

Just testing to see if this will be useful or not. It is one of the reasons I decided to try WordPress. So now the battle begins between WordPress and Blogger. So far… wordpress is in the lead.