4my Joy?

4grillersjoy_partsI posted about the 4griller’s joy product a couple weeks ago. The idea of interchangeable cooking surfaces is great! Unfortunately only a 57cm (22.5″) version is available, and all my webers are 47cm (18.5″). The company now has a new website for US customers.  The interetsing part though is that on this site they mention that there will also be an 18.5″ version available! I sure hope that happens. I would definitely be interested in ordering one (assuming it would also be available here in Europe).

4griller’s Joy

4grillersjoyI just came across this great accessory for your 22.5″ (57cm) grill. Thanks to the dutch language blog Rookgordijn (Smoke Curtain) for pointing this one out. Its an interchangeable 4 section cast iron cooking grate. The four sections can be used with a variety of different cooking surfaces like a cast-iron grate, grill-stone, griddle and even a chicken stand. It is a very interesting product. I would be asking for one for my upcoming birthday but unfortunately it is only available in the 22.5″ format. All my grills are 18″. Oh well, maybe I can ask for a bigger grill instead! Click on the photo to go to the German manufacturers website.