economic stimulus

green-OTP-with-babyRight around the corner from our house (about 150 meters) is a small hardware store that recently put a 22.5″ (57cm) apple-green One Touch Platinum in their window. The OTP has been my dream grill for a long time and realizing that this is a discontinued model, in my favorite weber-offered color, I was drooling all over the shop window. Out of nowhere, my wonderful wife surprisingly offered to pay for a part of the grill as a late birthday gift and upcoming anniversary gift. I couldn’t resist an offer like that since this could be the last time I find a green OTP in a store. So doing our part for both the US and Belgian economies we wheeled the already assembled grill over to our house. It almost didn’t fit through one of the doors since this thing is a beast, but it now happily resides in our “under-construction” back yard. Now, with this grill and my WSM (old model) I think I am set for life. I am even going to give away the smaller grill I used to use at home.

So, how does an American living abroad celebrate the Fourth of July? By buying an american made kettle grill and breaking it in with a nice big salmon fillet! Now that I have the perfect grill, I can work on my grill accessory christmas list. I may have an idea of what I want.