through the grape vine

grapevinewood1I haven’t posted anything about grilling or smoking yet, so here is a quickie.

I have been using some of the grape vine wood chunks that my brother-in-law bought as a gift for me a while back. At the time I had never heard of using this for smoking or grilling (apparently its very popular in France and Italy for grilling). The first time I really tried to use it for cooking I was taken back by how good it was. I used it to smoke a couple chickens. The flavor went extremely well with chicken. It also went well in a mix with apple wood for some ribs (mostly apple with a little grape vine). For poultry, it is now perhaps my favorite wood. On Sunday I tried a quick test with some steaks on the grill. As I was getting the coals ready I placed one chunk of the grape vine wood on the coals and let it burn down a little. I then seared the steaks over the coals and wood and then cooked them indirect. The grapevine wood didn’t quite work with the steaks. I guess Oak and Hickory are still the best for that task. The steaks were still good, but the wood choice didn’t really seem right. I guess no real surprises there though. I’ll have to try it with fish next, that should be good.

4 thoughts on “through the grape vine

  1. I have to see if I can find some grapevine wood here in the neighborhood (we have a lot of grapes in my area, so it shouldn’t be too hard). Heard good things about it before and you just sparked my interest again!


  2. (Hit the submit too fast, sorry!) Will add a link to your site later in the day to my blog and also added you to my RSS reader.
    Are you located in Belgium??


    1. Yeah, I live in Brasschaat, Belgium, but as you may have noticed I speak English (ja, Nederlands ook, maar mijn Engels is veel beter). I’m an American married to a Belgian woman. You should definitely check out the grape vine wood. The bag I have came from Colruyt but I am sure you’ll have no problem getting it in your area. And many thanks for the link!


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